There’s no question that a mobile strategy should be an integral part of any sales team’s efforts to gain an edge in their industry. According to Salesforce’s annual State of Sales report, the sales people who are leading the way in performance are nearly 5 times more likely to be outstanding or very good in their ability with mobile sales — using mobile technology like phones and tablets to boost their sales.

So, going into 2016, the question should no longer be focused on whether you should be using mobile sales enablement tools to boost your sales efforts.  The question should be what, how and when.

The answer to that question inevitably should point to a customized solution that works for your sales team and the challenges it faces with your particular industry, and the methods sales rep uses to communicate with internal team members and prospective clients.

As you develop a mobile strategy that’s effective for your team, consider these steps to building out the ideal solution:

  1. Focus on collaboration. Getting buy-in on the front-end is essential to the long-range effectiveness of the mobile strategy you implement. Don’t just focus on the IT team and company leaders. Include the people in the field who will be using the tools, as well as the internal employees that may be communicating with. Their input from the outset can provide invaluable perspective.
  2. Identify the needs. Don’t just settle for this would be a “nice thing” to have when developing a mobile sales enablement tool. Determine which problems the tool would need to address, as well as the benefits that would result from using the tool. Clearly outline any cost-savings, increase in efficiencies, etc.
  3. Train the team. After agreeing on a customized sales tool that meets your team’s needs, it’s essential that you adequately train your team on its use. Allow for feedback on how the tool can be further customized to accommodate any additional needs as they come up.

With Fatstax, you can help your sales reps get more out of their efforts. Talk to us about how we can develop a customized mobile sales team that ideally fits your team.