Can you send fully branded emails from your iPad? We get this question a lot from Marketers that are tired of the boring emails generated by most Apps on the iPad.

For this reason, we recently added CSS to FatStax allowing our users to create beautiful multi-layered emails that can be sent directly to prospects from the iPad. The results speak for themselves.

Most emails sent from the iPad look something like this…click on it too see detail.

This email I generated using Dropbox to send a PPT to someone.  Its flat and boring, but it gets the job done.  This is what Fatstax emails used to look like, too. So we know that we aren’t perfect either.

But with CSS and FatStax you can send collateral to your prospects that looks like this… click on it too see detail.

enterprise mobility email

Fully Branded iPad Email

This is an example of a FatStax Branded email we used at the Marketo Summit to send collateral to prospects from the booth.  The header of the email has an image and a CSS image underneath it to give it a 3D appearance.  To me its a lot more appealing and really show cased our brand at the conference.

Let’s break down the components. The underlying image is created with CSS to give the email the faded background.  Without the top image, it looks like this in the iPad app.  Click on it too see detail.

enterprise mobility branded email

the underlayer of the CSS Branded Email

Then you add the header image to create the fully branded “3D-looking” email to be sent from the iPad.  The header image will sit over the top of the CSS image like this…click on it too see detail.

enterprise mobility branded email iPad

Two layer branded iPad Email from FatStax

The result is a really nice looking email that can adjusted to fit your brand.  We think it makes your iPad sales app much more well, yours!

If you’d like to learn how to add a branded email to your enterprise mobility app, shoot us a note via the Contact Us link, or talk to your Customer Success Manager.