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Benjamin Franklin didn’t realize it at the time when he wrote a letter to a young tradesman, but when he coined the phrase “time is money” he could have been making a strong case about how using a custom mobile sales app can drive revenue for any company.

But look at the research. Look at your competitors.

Ask them if they’re seeing the benefits.

Ask them how fast they’re turning sales since deployment.

We have a client that turned a $17,000 deal in less than 18 hours by using our custom mobile sales app. The client told us prior to their sales application, the paperwork and sharing of hard copy sales materials alone would have dragged this deal out at least two weeks.

Trust us, the benefits are there.

Now you have to capitalize by generating revenue using a custom mobile sales app.

The first step is getting a company to commit to iPads for the sales team, which can sometimes be a challenge in and of itself.

We talk with companies all the time that decide to commit to iPad deployment and sales app development. We get it, it’s not an easy decision.

There are many factors to consider: including cost, training, app development, and more. If you still need to push your C-level executives on the benefits of mobility, we recommend you download our strategy guide on why companies are deploying iPads for sales.

Time is money and sales apps for the iPad are the catalyst. The following explains how when using an iPad sales app, you can better position your sales reps for more closed opportunities and increasing your company’s revenue.

1. Being Responsive and Attentive

Sales reps know the importance of leaving a memorable mark with potential clients. With so many opportunities to juggle, sales reps need as much help as they can get to obtain a lasting impression that could potentially lead to a sale.

Say you have a meeting with a client and it isn’t clear whether this is a prospect you should pursue further. But how do you know for sure?

With a custom mobile sales app, you had access to all of your marketing team’s sales materials and providing data filled presentations. Not only that, but analytical data that shows you if they viewed the materials you sent. All of this can be logged automatically back into your CRM.

By proactively following up using a custom mobile sales app, you are making yourself memorable with the prospect in a timely fashion and available to respond to any potential follow up questions.

Let’s go back to that same example meeting.

What if the prospect asks a detailed question regarding a product’s specs? Do you think your sales rep can quickly flip through their all their printed materials they lugged into the meeting to find the answer?

An unprepared panic trying to find the answer would not bode well with the prospect’s willingness to order products.

With a few taps, your sales rep can find the answer to the prospect’s detailed question within the custom mobile sales app.

Not only that, but send over any related materials to the prospect right then and there through the iPad. That’s an effective way of capitalizing on an opportunity for revenue.

2. Challenging a Company’s Status Quo

Sometimes landing a sale means you have to challenge a customer’s thinking. And no, I don’t mean by grabbing them by the shoulders and shaking sense into them.

It’s the act of countering objection with insightful data, powerful imagery and a sales tool to deliver this status quo challenge: the custom mobile sales app.

A great example of this is from one of our clients.

In addition to competitive data, pricing sheets and other assorted sales materials, they have included a cost of ownership calculator in their custom mobile sales app for reps in the field. The rep finds out what the company is currently using as their solution, and how much it is costing them annually.

The rep is able to break down the cost of ownership comparison, show the prospect how much they can save by switching to their solution, and send them all the necessary sales materials by email tracked back through their CRM.

The best part about this example is how many of these opportunities they are able to close from the calculator in the custom mobile sales app.

Sure, doing the math and putting pencil to paper has its effect. But when you can show a challenge a company’s way of thinking by showing them how much money they’re wasting on a lesser product just by a few taps on an iPad, that is lightning fast powerful stuff.

3. Aligning Your Sales and Marketing Efforts

A cohesive approach for sales and marketing teaming up can seem daunting, especially for large distributor networks. But aligning the two really becomes simple when using a custom mobile sales app.

Since the sales app is tied back into your CRM, sales opportunities and lead follow-ups are completed by sending sales materials from your content management system. Following up with information requests in real time becomes a few taps on the iPad wherever your sales rep might be, probably not in front of a laptop.

Compiling and sending sales call follow up materials no longer requires a trip to the post office to mail your paper materials.

All of our clients report back to us with instant revenue growth from deploying iPads and unveiling sales apps for their reps.

Simple alignment of both teams’ efforts to generate revenue in a timely fashion. Marketing uploads new sales materials, sales gets the notification to sync their app to receive the new sales materials to send out to prospects.

Time to Start Generating Revenue

Keep in mind these are just a few simple examples of how you can drive revenue using a custom mobile sales app.

You can drive revenue by incorporating all of these productive, time saving measures for your sales team.

The iPad sales app is the catalyst to these revenue generating opportunities. See for yourself how FatStax can be your company’s revenue generating catalyst for sales and marketing with a demo. You can sign up for one here.

If your company has already started using a custom mobile sales apps, how is it helping you drive revenue? Comment below!

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