I think one of the more interesting things on television lately is the marriage of radio shows and TV with live on-screen radio shows.

Take the Dan Patrick Show on NBC Sports Network, or Mike & Mike on ESPN for example.

DanPatrickShow_0402It’s super interesting to see how these radio guys set up their environment for success.

Notes laid out, headphone chord not in the way, computer screen to the left with a Twitter feed, screen to the right with audio clips, bobble head dolls for entertainment, etc.

Their success comes from preparation, repetition, and their set up.

Like a great chef, their mis is en place—Everything is right there.

Having now personally trained 5,000+ iPad sales app users, we often get asked what is our set up for online trainings?

Specifically, how do we present and lay out our environment for training success, while presenting directly from our workstations via the Internet.

So in this article, we’ll dive into my exact set up so you can emulate or modify it for yourself.

You might call it the mis-en-place for presenting with an iPad online.

My Set Up for Online iPad App Training Sessions

Seeing is believing, right?

This is super true when training sales people to use an iPad app.

For this reason, we cannot recommend enough using your iPad ‘live’ during an online training session.

Projecting a live iPad screen via an online screen sharing service like GoToMeeting, WebEx or whatever your company uses is fairly easy to do.

Let me say that again… Use your iPad live and don’t use screenshots.

The best set up I have found includes that following:

  1. A fully charged iPad, notifications turned off
  2. A Mac/PC laptop or desktop computer
  3. Second screen for the computer
  4. Reflector software, projects the iPad screen onto your computer screen
  5. GoToMeeting – projects computer screen to your team across the world, allows session to be recorded for later review
  6. PowerPoint presentation with the agenda, key contact info, and testing questions
  7. Phone for the presenter to dial in to the meeting (don’t use computer mic, too much feedback with multiple users)
  8. Headphones for the presenter so they can use both hands to control the iPad and their computer

Setting this up requires some practice and coordination on the presenter’s part.  The coordination comes from laying out the above materials like a chef so that everything is exactly where you need it.

Here’s how we set up our mis-en-place to run online training sessions:

photo (1)

Back Row From Left to Right

Asus 24-Inch Monitor – Secondary monitor that is sharing my iPad to the world via GoToMeeting. I like the bigger screen for presenting via GoToMeeting.

Apple MacBook Pro – Laptop with notes on the screen not shared to GoToMeeting, Chat window open so my co-workers can tell me to slow down. I use Skype, Google Hangouts or iMessage depending on the day. Another trick is to place any windows you plan to share like PPT or a Web Browser on the second screen so you easily drag between the unshared monitor and shared monitor.

Picture of my wife Alli and me in Thailand – Inspirado!

Front Row From Left to Right

Portable Apple Keyboard – Big help relay information to the attendees without locking yourself into the keyboard on the MacBook.

64 GB iPad  – With my app loaded and ready on a simple stand so I can use gestures. The iPad stand I am currently using is the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio. I like the magnet that holds the iPad in place during presentations. The iPad is mirrored to the screen behind it via Reflector and AirPlay.

Reflector – Software package the “reflects” my iPad screen onto the computer monitor via AirPlay. (link to our article).

Portable Apple TouchPad – Love this thing!

Apple EarPods –  I keep my iPhone placed in my pocket – not sure why but I really love the Apple headphones and microphone for presenting with GoToMeeting.  People tell me often that the audio clarity is very good with them.

Yellow Pad and Pen – I will sometimes take notes myself but I cannot recommend having a back up note taker on your team. Lots of good questions will just get lost as you present.

All these items are placed on my standing desk.

I always try to use a standing desk when presenting online. This gives me the feel of standing in front of the audience and my energy is roughly double compared to sitting.

On multiple occasions, people have commented on how lively our trainings come across via GoToMeeting. I’m a firm believer that the standing desk is the reason.

The one I am currently using is a simple table from IKEA made from two parts: Vika Amon and UTBY.

You can modify this set up for a sitting desk of course if that’s your thing.

What Makes It Work?

The key to the set up is my mis is always where I expect it to be, notes and agenda are easy to see, screen iPad screen is mirrored exactly where I want it to be, etc.

Hopefully that helps you become a great presenter of your iPad app remotely online.

Next, I’ll cover our pre-training session preparation.