When trying to determine the best mobile sales cloud solution for your business it boils down to these options: deploying focused iPad apps from different vendors, or using an all encompassing cloud computing service.

To illustrate this concept, focused apps might include a CRM app, a Calendar App, an iPad Sales App, and FileSharing App.  For example, Salesforce, iCal, FatStax, and Box.

or an all-in-one app. Salesforce1 only, for example.

Mobility has provided the arena for a multitude of mobile sales cloud solutions to increase sales force productivity and company revenue. And the number of app-based solutions is continuing to grow.

This is all thanks to that little thing known as the cloud.

Now more than ever the cloud is giving businesses more choices on the mobile sales cloud solutions menu, but which is the best for your company, your sales team, and your career?

Say you’re ordering at a restaurant and they have a four course meal. It comes with salad, soup, entree and dessert. Hey, they even throw bread in there, too. The salad and dessert are to die for, but the soup and entree are never as advertised. So if you order the four course meal, you’re stuck with eating what you know you’ll like and the rest will end up as leftovers you know will just sit in the fridge until they start to smell.

The same can be said about going with an all encompassing cloud computing solution. Don’t lock yourself into a commitment with a group that says they can do it all when they can’t deliver on all fronts. They can’t deliver because cloud computing services think of their application as an after thought.

>> Cloud based apps causing server sales to fall [external link]

Let’s say you sign an agreement with a cloud computing service we’ll call Company X. Their package includes industry-best CRM, analytics and marketing automation; plus you have access to all of their cloud computing services in a mobile sales app. Now you’re paying one huge rate for all of these cloud computing services Company X provides, which they do extremely well, but they can’t utilize these services in an application. Why? The Company X types not specializing in a single mobile sales cloud solution in a single iPad sales app typically don’t take the time and due diligence¬†to ensure their solutions perform to the highest quality and satisfaction.

And don’t forget about customer service!

With all of the CRM, analytics and marketing automation they need to perform customer triage on, the application version of their cloud computing services more times than not flatline.

Recently, we have had customers come to us in similar situations. Their mobility plan stalled when they went with a cloud computing service and allowed competitors to take away marketshare. When their field sales reps needed technical support for their app version of the service, the company wasn’t able to deliver at a timely fashion. They needed a simpler solution. One that focused solely on one service rather than a Swiss Army knife of cloud computing services.

Choosing individual sales cloud solutions a la carte can be the best mobile business practice. Pick the individual iPad apps for your ideal sales solution process. Go ahead and use that CRM and marketing automation services you love from Company X, but then add on other individual mobile sales cloud solutions you know your sales reps will use.

The only warning I would give is whatever other independent vendors you bring on board, make sure their systems play nice with the ones you already have in place. You don’t want to get stuck having a system that doesn’t connect to other vital networks within your company.

So what’s your take on choosing the best mobile sales cloud solution?

Do you agree or disagree?

Comment below and let’s keep the discussion going.