ipad screen sharing

Boardrooms, conference rooms and classrooms are being used less frequently thanks in part to iPad screen sharing capabilities for virtual sales and virtual online training.

There are multiple ways to share your iPad screen for sales meetings and virtual online training sessions.

The real question is which way works best for your methods and your budget.

The iPad with iOS 7 has a feature called AirPlay. This allows its screen to be mirrored to an AppleTV or other AirPlay receivers.

There are apps in the AppStore that use the wireless network your iPad is connected to and act as an AirPlay receiver to receive the AirPlay signal from the iPad and allow you to mirror the iPad to the screen of a computer.

You will need some kind of online meeting platform like GoToMeeting, WebExJoin.Me or another for virtual sales tools iPad screen sharing.

All of this might sound complicated, but these apps that allow for iPad screen sharing are affordable and simple to use.

Here’s What We Use For iPad Screen Sharing

Full disclosure moving forward in this article: We only use one iPad screen sharing app. So this might sound biased, but it works for us and probably can work for you too.

All of us here at FatStax use an app called Reflector, and it is developed by a software company called Squirrels.

Essentially, Reflector is an AirPlay receiver. Since AirPlay is technology already built into many Apple devices, Reflector allows your to wirelessly display your iPad or iPhone on your computer screen in real time.

You can use Reflector mirror multiple devices to a single computer for multiple presenters or comparisons, record your presentations for later use, and you can set passwords to keep people out of your AirPlay presentations.

It costs $12.99 per license or $54.99 for five licenses, depending on how big your team is.

How We Use iPad Screen Sharing, and You Can Too

We’re able to use the iPad screen sharing app Reflector for both sales and training purposes.

Well, I also use it for marketing purposes too. I created one of our videos highlighting our latest released version of FatStax using Reflector. You can see where how the iPad is mirrored.

From the sales side, our Customer Success Team Members use Reflector to demo FatStax with prospects around the world.

We simply create an online meeting, mirror our iPads with FatStax opened with the team member’s MacBook, and share our screen in the online meeting.

For virtual sales team meetings with customers or prospects, you can also create a similar iPad screen sharing situation. Videos, PDFs, and any other collateral will be mirrored and shared with your customer or prospect virtually.

Using the same method, we’re also able to train administrators how to manage their company’s individual app we create them.

We walk them through where to go and what to do with their customized app as if we were right there with them.

Reflector is also a great way to perform sales or service training for your reps in the field.

Think of the headache it takes to orchestrate a large sales training meeting for a new product line. But your teams already have iPads and they use them daily.

This is a perfect opportunity for iPad screen sharing your presentation on a global level.

And if some international team members miss on the live training, remember you can record your training too and share the video file with them.

Are There Other iPad Screen Sharing Apps?

Of Course!

AirServer is another popular choice for iPad screen sharing. They have two different enterprise licenses (consumer license for $14.99 each or a business license for $19.99 each).

One more to look at is X-Mirage, and they run for $16.00 per license.

So take a look and see which one of these iPad screen sharing apps works best for you. Without a doubt, these iPad screen sharing apps help make virtual sales teams and virtual online training meetings a snap.

Photo Credit: Bill Varie