sales rep apps

“What is the best app for sales reps?” is an extremely subjective question. What’s the answer?

It depends!

This question is so subjective because the best app for sales reps depends on the task at hand. The beauty of apps is that users can quickly move from one to another for specialized tasks.

There is no silver bullet. No magic app that does it all.

And we are glad!  That’s why we love the iPad as a sales tool.

Think about it. Just like your laptop, the best program to write emails is different from the best program to present slides.

Much like our laptops, there a few apps that we use consistently to accomplish specific business tasks with our iPads and recommend to our customers.

This is by no means a comprehensive list or a “best of” list. But each item listed is a great app for sales reps which are also 100% compatible with FatStax and can be useful to our customers’ sales teams.

1. iAnnotate – signing PDFs | Price – $9.99

For signing PDFs and circling important items in brochures, I prefer iAnnotate. It’s intuitive and easy to use.  My typical task in open a PDF,  sign a document, then email the document with the signature to myself or a customer.

2. PDF Expert – Completing forms | Price – $9.99

When comes to fillable forms and checking boxes, I like PDF Expert.  The app detects the fillable forms in PDFs and makes it easy to type where the creator intended you to type. I’m pretty sure you can sign documents with it too.  I just don’t use it for that.

Both PDF Expert and iAnnotate are compatible with FatStax and you can easily punch documents from your sales app to these specialized apps for quick manipulation.

3. QuickOffice – Editing Microsoft Office documents | Price – Free

Mobile apps and business go hand in hand. This app is my “go-to” for working with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files.  All these seem to work well in QuickOffice and can be edited easily.  We anticipate Microsoft will eventually offer an iPad app for their office files but for now QuickOffice is our choice.

4. and 5. Dropbox or Box – Moving single files to and from the iPad | Price – Free

Personally, I’m a Dropbox fiend when comes to easily moving files between my laptop and iPad.  Both Box and Dropbox are compatible with FatStax making it easy to push files from us to them. Have a lot of files you want to load into FatStax? You can do that by connecting your Dropbox or Box Account to our Cloud content manager.

6. and 7. Evernote and Skitch – Note taking and annotating images | Price – Free (upgrades cost)

I put these two together because they are both Evernote owned apps that I use for two distinct purposes.

Evernote is pretty straight-forward.  Take notes sync them to a central file sharing system to refer to later.  I use it a lot to remind myself of cool stuff and ideas for customers’ apps.

Skitch is what I use to point out things on screen shots from my iPad.  See something cool in a magazine – take a screen shot and open it up in Skitch to draw on the image and take notes.  Save the image to Evernote and I have permanent record or email it to a colleague.

8. Salesforce1 – pushing files to CRM | Price – Free with Salesforce account.

FatStax is compatible with both the old Chatter App and the new Salesforce1 app.  It’s simple to push a file from FatStax to either one and comment on it in Chatter.  You can also send activities and files from FatStax to CRM to save them to an Opportunity in Salesforce.

What apps are you currently using that are useful for daily tasks and saving time with the iPad as a sales tool?

The mobile apps and business world is constantly changing. Let’s keep this list growing!