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FatStax Named Finalist for TechPoint Mira Awards

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We’re celebrating in the FatStax offices today! That’s because we are thrilled to announce that FatStax from Red Funnel Consulting has been named a finalist for the 2015 TechPoint Mira Awards in the category of Mobile Tech Award.

This honor comes on the heels of a great 2014 for FatStax. We experienced rapid growth bringing on many new, notable clients and continued to work with some of the world’s top organizations, including Pentair, Reebok CCM, Millipore, Boon Edam and New England BioLabs to name a handful. In addition, we’ve made impactful enhancements to our software to better serve our customers and their reps in the field.

Indiana has become a hot bed for emerging sales and marketing technology companies. We are grateful to be in the company of these other Mobile Tech finalists including:

  • Archon Apps
  • Bluebridge
  • Bonfire
  • DoubleMap Inc.
  • fanSync by Fanimation
  • Givelify
  • GoServicePro
  • MOBI
  • Net Irrigate
  • pi lab
  • Shop Your Spot
  • TCC Software Solutions
  • The Traveler, Ball State University
  • y!kes

All TechPoint Mira winners will be announced at an award ceremony May 2 in downtown Indianapolis.

dreamforce 2014 mobile sales enablement

Dreamforce 2014: Jump On Mobile Sales Enablement Now

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Here we go again…Dreamforce is back for another year. Get ready to be sold, overhyped, and to party down. This year at Dreamforce 2014, I expect to see tons of people talking and thinking about mobile sales enablement.

Mobile sales enablement has been featured in the Keynote the last two years (though for the life of me I can’t find Digital Sales Aid on the Salesforce website, hmmm.) The idea of empowering sales and service reps with the latest collateral, customer and prospect insights and pricing information all from an app on their tablet is going from the organizational to-do list to deployment and adoption.

If you are struggling with how to implement mobile sales tools into your company, look me up during the conference. I’ll be having one-on-one’s with customers and people just like you that need to understand this.

Instead of getting bombarded in the exhibit hall, let’s grab a quiet coffee, beer, or lunch together and get serious about mobile sales enablement. Simply fill out the form below and let us know when is a good time to meet. I’ll confirm with you after you submit.

Safe travels to Dreamforce 2014 and see you in San Francisco!


FatStax Makes List of Social Selling Tools for Dreamforce

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If you’re heading to Dreamforce 2014, and want to GET MORE from your Salesforce.com pilgrimage, we have just the reading material for your plane flight to San Francisco.

Craig Elias, creator of Trigger Event Selling and Chief Catalyst at Shift Selling, Inc. put together an elaborate ebook called 5 Ways to Get More at Dreamforce. In his ebook, Elias goes into detail how companies can achieve their Dreamforce objectives, and highlights how FatStax can be one of your social selling tools for Dreamforce to do just that. Elias calls FatStax a “Lead capture tool that improves trade show ROI” and a great replacement for printed catalogs and brochures that are often wasted at shows.

To get your copy of 5 Ways to Get More at Dreamforce, simply download the ebook here. And find us on page 28 of the ebook!


The Cost of Eluding Sales Enablement Software for Collateral

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Don’t you just hate losing money?

In a world of budget lines and maximizing revenues, it’s a crushing blow to any organizational leader when they realize they are losing money. I hope you’re sitting down while reading this, because I’m about to show you that right now each of your sales and service reps are costing you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars—and they don’t even realize it.

In fact, it’s not even really their fault. It’s yours.

The cost of searching for the right collateral

Recently there were some shocking statistics from a study on the effectiveness of sales collateral. According to Aberdeen Group research, 92% of organizations say producing high-quality sales collateral is valuable, but only 54% execute it effectively. Aberdeen didn’t identify whether or not those polled for the study were using tablets and/or sales enablement software for collateral, but the statistics alone are powerful.

Reps that are using tablets in the field, but don’t have sales enablement software for collateral, spend as much as 2 hours per week just trying to find the right sales collateral for prospects. Over the course of one year that’s 100 hours of lost selling time from searching for the right sales collateral on their tablet.

Why are they wasting so much time? Because without utilizing sales enablement software for collateral they can’t find the right spec sheets, product videos or PDF brochures in an effective amount of time to sell. And that’s costing their organization a ton in lost revenue.

Solving for lost revenue

So how do you determine how much your reps searching for collateral is costing you? We’ve created a one of a kind Excel calculator that determines just how much each of your individual reps are losing in potential revenue per year from searching for the right sales collateral—instantly. An unnamed Fortune 5000 VP of sales downloaded our Excel calculator and discovered each of her reps are losing over $47,000 in potential revenue each year—all because they don’t have sales enablement software on their deployed iPads.

With a team of 35 sales reps, that’s $1,645,000 in revenue her organization is losing each year from trying to find the right sales collateral. And if you download our revenue Excel calculator, you’ll find your organization is also losing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual lost revenue from each sales rep by not having sales enablement software for collateral. But hey, if you can afford to leave that much money in your prospect’s hands then don’t worry about the calculator below. It must have been a pretty good year for you. Right?


How to Foster an Enterprise Mobility Environment

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It says something when mobile sales are set to outperform PC sales in the enterprise. Large organizations like Boston Scientific, Pentair, Life Technologies and IBM have all deployed iPads or other types of tablets to their workforce.

Not just because it’s the trendy thing to do. Because enterprise mobility has entrenched itself as a staple in the corporate environment. Mobile software—such as mobile sales tools, sales applications and app catalogs—provide increased productivity, a higher level of employee satisfaction and can decrease sales cycles. But enterprise mobility doesn’t just spring up over night. It needs fostering in order for a true enterprise mobility environment to thrive. A comprehensive plan that includes more than just deploying tablets and launching customized mobile apps or sales enablement apps.

Understand Your End Users

Without getting to know the managers and end users of each department or division that will be involved in your enterprise mobility environment, you really can’t begin to foster them. It’s like when you go to the car mechanic; they need to hear from you what illness your car is suffering from before popping the hood and going to work blindly without any direction.

Start with a ‘gathering of the troops’ and identify what they want to accomplish with enterprise mobility. More than likely this meeting will bring new ways to maximize productivity and new use-case opportunities to light. An enterprise mobility environment will go a long way when your mobile software works hand-in-hand with what your end users want to accomplish.

Try Not to Push It

You need to be careful not to force enterprise mobility and pressing managers for rapid mobile sales software adoption rates. Many organizations have a wide array of technology driven employees, meaning your scale will consist of quick enterprise mobility adopters, to those who have never picked up a tablet, to everyone in between.

We recently held a two day training session for a new customer of ours. The first day was spent getting employees familiar with the iPads they were just given and the second day was spent learning our B2B sales application. This way, all of the end users were up to speed and trained equally on both the device and software. Remember to keep it loose. Organizations wanting to foster their enterprise mobility environment need to respect and adjust their efforts for their different subgroups of end users.

Keep End Users in the Loop

Of course mobile app security is keeping your organization’s IT folks up at night, but your end users are worried about this issue too.

Some numbers released in an International Mobile Security Study by Cisco show more than half surveyed use their company devices for both “work and play”. In addition, 60 percent said they engaged in “risky technology behavior” on a device given to them from their employer.

The truth is organizations around the world are looking to keep their data, devices, software and employees safe. That being said, it’s important to keep end users in the know regarding any security policies and establish an open dialogue with them about personal vs. organizational data on a company-provided device. These are just a few examples of ways organizations can help foster an enterprise mobility environment for their employees. What ways are you fostering at your office? Share with us in the comment section below!

Launch New Product Line with Sales Enablement Tools

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Is your company getting ready for a new product line launch? It can be a stressful time for an organization of any size. After all, it’s not easy to fly in all of your sales reps and distributors for a product launch. But if your organization utilizes a sales enablement tool deployed on your rep’s tablets, it can be the key to a flawless launch to market.

The ole’ product life cycle

There is a standard progression for any product known as the product life cycle. Within the product life cycle are four stages: product introduction, product growth, product maturity and product decline. (You can use the same four stages for any new service an organization would launch as well.)

In the introduction stage of the product life cycle, it is the organization’s responsibility to make it as easy for their reps as possible to sell that new product right out of the gate. But there are common shortfalls many organizations experience with a new product line launch:

  • Reps have to learn new specs, details, pricing, etc. in a short amount of time. This can prolong the introduction stage of the product life cycle causing reps to slowly adopt selling the new product.
  • Reps visually need to learn what the new product line looks like and how it works. This can also stretch out the introduction stage causing reps to rely on product managers and engineers more.
  • I’m sure you can name other shortfalls to previous product launches you’ve experienced as well.

All any organization is trying to do is get through the introduction stage as quickly and effectively as possible so they can enter the growth stage and start earning revenue. After all, aren’t you? So how can sales enablement tools, like a customized sales app, compress that introduction stage, get your reps educated and ready to start selling your new product line? Here are just a few examples that will help your new product line launch.

Pre-sale refresher

With a sales enablement tool, it’s simple to build a quick reference document for your reps to look over before walking into a sales meeting or before a sales call. Think of it like your new product line launch battle card. Your reps can use this battle card to go over all of your new product line data in terms of how they should be positioning the new products.

Include your value proposition, competitor information for related products, use cases; all of this can be included in the battle card. Your reps can bring this document up in their sales enablement tool in the car or on the train before their meeting begins.

During the sales call

Similar to the battle card you can build for reps to reference before the meeting, you can easily create a digital sales packet for the meeting itself. Within this packet, get all the key information a rep would show a customer during the meeting or send a customer regarding your new product line launch synced into the sales enablement tool. This includes all of your new product line information: Videos, PDF brochures, product specs and details, SKU numbers for product ordering, special introductory pricing.

Your reps would pull up all of the information in the sales packet to show your customer during the call itself, then send the packet of information to the customer from their tablet for the customer to see later.

On the fly

You put together this big new product line launch presentation going over all the new products, pricing, SKUs, and collateral when these emails start showing up in your inbox: Crap, I forget everything from the launch. Can you remind me about…?

Reps can search for anything and everything from specific products to specific words in documents in their sales enablement tool thanks to keyword search capabilities. This feature will keep your reps from bugging you and your product team for reminders, and focused on the new products by utilizing their tablets and information already stored in their sales enablement tool.

Training and on-boarding

Any organization knows the benefits to periodical product training for the reps, so it makes sense to start making the sales enablement tool a cornerstone to any training sessions. This works not only for product training, but sales enablement tool training as well. You want to give your reps refresher courses not just on product lines, but the tools you gave them to sell those product lines.

And don’t forget about your new hires. The easiest way to bring new reps up to speed on both your product lines and your sales enablement tool is to train them on the tablets right out of the app itself.

FatStax Mobility Platform and its line of sales engagement tools enables reps to engage their customers and inform them to make smart purchasing decision.

What is the FatStax Mobile Platform?

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FatStax, from Red Funnel Consulting, is a complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mobile sales and analytics platform that allows a company’s reps to engage with prospects using digital collateral, inform prospects to make educated purchasing decisions, and enable reps to close more opportunities using an array of mobile application solutions.

Through the FatStax Mobility Platform, companies can manage, deploy and track their digital collateral for field sales and service teams, better serving their customers and improving business performance.

Watch this brief video where our co-founders Mark Walker and Dr. Rusty Bishop detail the benefits of the FatStax Mobile Platform.

What Actual Sales Reps Are Actually Saying About FatStax 2.4

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FatStax Mobile Platform

One of, if not the best way to get feedback on your product is to hear it directly from your end users.

And that’s exactly what we did regarding our recently released FatStax 2.4 digital sales tool.

One of our current customers, a specialized medical product company we will keep nameless, recently just finished their pilot program with their sales reps. (Pilot programs are incredibly important before launching any new digital sales tool to your entire team. Learn more about proper pilot program must dos here.)

Our Customer Success Team was invited to sit in on a conference call with our client’s digital sales tool project team, the members of their pilot program and their entire field sales staff as they provided feedback regarding their FatStax pilot experience.

We transcribed the conference call, and below are actual quotes from those sales reps who piloted FatStax for over two months in the field and in front of customers.

Rep #1

You know before we had Dropbox and, while it was good at the time, all of the information went into like a black hole. You couldn’t find it when you needed it and then you stumbled.

I do like that up in the FatStax Search bar you can put in a SKU, because I have customers that call me who want to order. We have a lot of SKUs, and I’m going to be honest, I don’t know what all of them are.

So, they say “I want to order 10” and give me a SKU. With FatStax, you can type in that SKU and it pulls right up. It’s a really quick and easy way to verify when they are talking, and they give you that SKU, and you can come back with them and say, “Ok, that’s the Product B?” It’s really good for that.

Rep #2

We have a lot of products, a lot information, a lot marketing material, I certainly am not carrying around everything with me all of the time, so I think that what FatStax does is it gives you the opportunity to sell your complete line in one sales call in front of whoever you are with.

You can really dance with the feedback that they give you for what they need for their practice, and this doesn’t matter if you are at a conference, in a doctor’s office, or working internationally. It’s all the same, really.

Case in point: We had a doctor over in China, they were sure set on the Product J call and the reason was for more motion restriction – well the in house technical report that we did years back with Product J versus (competitor’s product) is something I wouldn’t never carried in my briefcase.

It was one of those “well let me get back to you” or “I can talk them through the work that we have done and results that we had” but I would have never had the report at my fingertips.

Being able to go the product right away in the FatStax app and show all of the features of Product J, and all of the parts of the product line took that call from, “Yeah, I kind of get what you are saying”—and that guy would have left and probably never become a customer—to, “Okay, how do I buy and who’s your contact in Beijing?”

Rep #3

I started with the product catalog, then if my customer doesn’t know exactly what to look for, I’d create a solution for them based on what heard from their feedback. I think that goes a long way.

On our email system, you can only send like 10 megs. On FatStax, it’s endless. In a FatStax e-mail you can include product features, benefits, pricing, a video, all of those things, and you can create a soft quote in front of them.

Everything is documented right there before you leave the call, and the doctor, physician or the office manager felt like they had a say in creating the solution for their practice.

This is just a taste of the feedback we heard.

How To Properly Launch Digital Sales Tools to Channel Reps

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This is the time of year many organizations are planning their sales kickoff meetings, the perfect time to launch digital sales tools for their distributor and channel reps.

It’s an exciting time in our office, too, as our customer success team members are planning trips for in-person training sessions during new customer annual sales meetings.

But properly launching a new digital sales tool to a sales team of any size is not as simple as flipping on a light switch. There is a lot of planning, coordination and training that goes into a launch before your organization can call it a success.

In this article, we’re going to break down the proper steps for pre-launch, during the launch and post-launch that will help your organization launch digital sales tools successfully.


Get Your Leadership Onboard

For any new sales initiative it’s important to have your entire leadership team’s support. Their collective experience and perspective will give your launch a solid internal foundation for kickoff. Here’s an article we wrote recently on preparing to launch iPads and digital sales tools at a sales meeting.

Set Clear Expectations

You only get one chance to introduce your new digital sales tool to your channel reps, and it’s important your internal team understands what is expected pertaining to the launch at the kickoff meeting. Is it alignment? Training? Sales motivation?

Prepare Accordingly

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to preparing any presentations pertaining to the digital sales tool launch. You’re investing in this new tool to help increase sales for the coming year, so put forth the effort to get your channel reps excited and willing to learn how to use it.

During Your Launch

Set Aside Time for Training

Your channel reps won’t learn everything on their own when you launch digital sales tools. If you can, arrange someone from the maker of your digital sales tool to perform in-person training sessions at your launch. At the very least, have your internal project leaders go over some basic functionalities. We wrote a related article recently you might find useful on useful digital sales tool training tips.

Establish Goals

Create some goals for your channel reps using the digital sales tool for the coming year. It could be number of digital resources emailed out, number of product videos shown, number of pricing quotes sent, or anything that fits your sales process. Give them reachable goals to increase your tool adoption right out of the kickoff meeting.

Make Training and Support Materials Available

Once your channel reps head home from your annual sales meeting, follow up questions are sure to happen. Add any training materials to your digital sales tool for reps to access easily. If not applicable, you can always add training materials in an accessible cloud-based folder, tips to your channel rep newsletters or post a recorded video from the initial kickoff meeting training session online.


Review Analytics

After you launch digital sales tools, make sure your channel reps are using them. Look over your analytics on a regular basis to see which reps are using the tool the most, what collateral is being sent the most, and any other metrics you want to focus on. We wrote a related article recently on digital sales tool analytics you also might find helpful.

Schedule Periodical Training

Professional athletes never stop training, and neither should your channel reps once you launch digital sales tools. Arrange for quarterly training sessions (at minimum) to keep usage and adoption up among channel reps. Here’s a video we recently shot worth viewing that focuses on digital sales tool training tips.

Celebrate Champion Users

After a year since the launch of your digital sales tool, reward those reps that surpassed the goals you set when you launched. Chances are those who used your digital sales tool the most also surpassed quota and received a nice bonus. Other reps will see their success and become motivated to use their tablet during sales meetings more.Want more insight how to launch digital sales tools for channel reps?

FatStax 2.4 Released: So What’s New For Users?

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Sleeker Navigation, Faster Resource-to-Device Download Time, iOS 8 Compatibility with FatStax 2.4

FatStax Mobility Platform and its line of sales engagement tools enables reps to engage their customers and inform them to make smart purchasing decision.

As the leading customer engagement platform, we strive to enhance our user’s experience. Today we are excited to announce the release of FatStax 2.4 for our global users.

As with all of our releases, we listen to our customers and hear what they want out of FatStax that will help their reps close more deals during in-person meetings. To help you do just that, FatStax 2.4 focuses on speed and style.

Streamlined Home Screen Navigation

Once you install and open FatStax 2.4 you’ll notice the Search, Stack, Resources and Settings buttons have been moved to hot spots making them faster to access. Essentially we’ve trimmed the digital fat out of our design. This provides a modern, stylish look enhancing the experience for users and adding space on the right side of the app for more creative branding, showcasing and sharing your information with customers.

A Handy Home Button

We received quite a few requests from you to create a way to easily return to the Home Screen when deep in a category. FatStax 2.4 adds this Home button feature. This Home button in the top-left of the app replaces the Categories button, and gives users a quick shortcut to return to your Home Page. This button resets all of your categories to reappear as though you just opened the app. You’ll also find the Home button for simpler navigation when working with Stacks. And speaking of Stacks…

New Stacks View


A Stack is an easy way to send multiple items in a single email. Bundles enable you to send customized groups of items you can add to a stack with a single tap. All of the Stacks functionalities remain the same, we simply adjusted the location of the List of Stacks to the top and center while creating a single catch-all Action button. Any editing, adding or emailing of Stacks and Bundles can be found by tapping on the Action button in the upper-right corner. The Action button also appears while viewing any resource in your catalog.

App Performance Improvements

You’ll notice FatStax 2.4 to run quicker and be more reliable. This will leave you more time to sell and be sure your content is available offline. We optimized the app’s download speed, search speed and startup responsiveness. The amount of time you previously spent waiting on resources and information to load will dwindle, becoming even faster.. This means you can add even more information to your catalogs with less syncing down time.

Share Your Feedback

Please help us continue to produce the best mobility platform available for businesses by giving us your feedback, comments or questions about FatStax 2.4! Email us at support [at] fatstax.com or reach out to us on Twitter using the hashtag #FatStaxNextLevel

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