The 8 Step Strategy to Adding the iPad to Your Sales Arsenal – Step 2: Get C-Level Support

This article is part 2 of an 8 Step series written for Marketers and Business Opps to help add you the iPad to your sales and marketing arsenal. You can also download a white paper on the 8 Steps.

In our first post we talked about the importance of determining what success looks like for your company when it comes to a successful iPad launch for your sales team.

This involves:

  • taking a close look at your sales process
  • assessing how the iPad can enhance/improve that process.
  • defining success parameters on the sales process improvements

With a good idea of your sales process to frame your success plan, the next step is getting support from top level executives.

Step 2 : Get C-level support

The idea of using the iPad to generate revenue could require a shift in the internal culture of a company. This is part of the reason that Step 2 is important, you need to get your C-level executives on-board before you even think about piloting or deploying iPads. This may seem obvious since you may need budget approval, but not doing it can cause the project to never leave the ground.

VPs and Directors need to be your iPad champions

Imagine the impact that will take place at the next national sales meeting when your VP addresses the sales force explaining to them his/her vision of how the iPad will empower them.  Marketing and sales professionals are typically quick to respond to a new process or tool after hearing from the VP of Sales or CIO about their vision of how it will work, so you are going to need them to be 100% behind the project from the get go.

Down the line, when the VP is standing in front of the sales force doing a presentation with their iPad on how to better engage the customer base in the field, or when managers are using the iPad during one on one reviews or during weekly meetings… the iPad becomes an essential tool for the company.

VPs and Directors can help accurately predict budget

Its no secret that deploying iPads and sales apps is going to cost money, probably a good deal of money. Therefore, as you are getting your executives on board to drive implementation with the sales force you also need to make sure that from a financial standpoint the initial purchase along with ongoing support returns the right kind of ROI.

For example, every year Apple battles a more competitive tablet market by releasing updated hardware along with mulitple improved operating systems (iOS updates) including Siri who’s coming to an iPad near you soon. Part of the budget has to off set the developmental costs associated with iOS and device specific updates.

Ultimately, C-level backing early on the project will help you get the budget you need out of the gates and prevent you from having to “go back” to the CFO for more cash to keep a mobile project afloat to reach the fabeled ROI promise land.  That to me is a real positive about C-level support at this stage, because their experience can help you provide a realistic budget for the project and backing from the get go!


Step 1 : Define success through a detailed understanding of your sales process

Step 2: Get management on board early to set a realistic budget and drive company-wide adoption

In our next post we will cover Step 3, how to integrate tools you currently have and creating a powerhouse team to ensure successful integration of the iPad into your company.