We just released FatStax 2.0 for iPad today. We are excited about delivering this new version for our users.

There are so many new user-driven features in this release, including offline documents like PDFs, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and even Videos that we decided it deserved a version 2.0 name.

What we are most proud of is that this release that is 100% user-driven. In the past, we had to make educated guesses about what salespeople might need in an iPad app. After all, who knew what an iPad was just 3 years ago?

But over the last 2 years, we have continually asked users what they need to make FatStax better. The ability to have their sales and marketing collateral ready to share with customers was at the top of the list. Making brochures, videos, and Powerpoints available offline is important for field sales, never sure about your internet connection.  So we built, the multi-media sales experience just for you FatStax users.

Now go forth and sell!

What is the multi-media sales experience

It’s not just marketing speak. FatStax 2.0 for iPad allows companies to produce an iPad sales app that contains thousands of their products and support them with thousands of documents-offline where and when reps need it.

If you have selling collateral in Salesforce.com, Dropbox, or Sharepoint that your sales team needs in the field, now you can deliver it to them by using FatStax.

Or you could build offline sales playbooks with PowerPoints, Docs, and Videos to support large machines or complex tools with iPads.

This allows your Marketing team to share relevant marketing collateral to salespeople in the field anywhere, any time no matter what it type of resource it is. That’s a direct line from Marketing to Sales People.

Multi-Media Search = Relevant Sales Collateral On-Demand

FatStax has always featured a crazy robust search capability offline on the iPad. Now with 2.0, relevant documents and resources will also appear instantly as you type a few letters.

Why is this relevant?

Imagine you are a sales person that is walking in to a prospect meeting fully prepared to share a PowerPoint about a complex product you think they have interest in.  You have it all prepped and ready to show on your iPad. Then 2 minutes into the conversation, you realize they really could use a different solution that you sell.

No problem, open up FatStax, type a few letters, and the relevant PowerPoint or Video or PDF or Data Table is queued up and ready to present on the fly. You can even search within the PDF to find the right piece of data to share with the big fish to close the deal then email him/her the PDF on the spot.

We hope you love FatStax 2.0 for iPad, since its pretty much all we’ve heard about from you for the past year or so.

Installing and Upgrading

If you’re not a user and want to give it no-obligation try, you can download it from the App Store or feel free to shoot us an email at info@fatstax.com for a username and password.