Android-app-on-google-playAfter 6 years of being an “Apple only” shop, we are proud to announce the launch of our first sales app for Android.

This marks a new era for the FatStax family and gives our current clients and new prospects the ability to tackle new markets and empower field sales teams all over the world.

Why Android Sales Apps?

Many times, impromptu meetings happen for sales reps – whether at a regional meeting, at a dinner, or even just accidentally bumping into a prospect at the local coffee shop, and the rep didn’t have their iPad with them. But they always had their phones.

After some long discussions with our end users (sales people) and our Admins (marketers) about an Android version of FatStax, we landed on two critical differentiators.

First, everyone has their phone on them at all times – this is not true of tablets and laptops.

Second, many companies wanted to provide custom mobile sales tools, but did not have the ability to dictate which devices people might purchase.

Based on these factors, we designed the FatStax sales app for Android to mirror people’s typical behaviors with their phones and tablets in a sales situation or while hanging out at the airport bar between flights.

The design and user experience of our Android apps for business were coded to make two actions really simple:

  1. Finding information quickly – product pricing, specs, details, web-links, manuals, videos, etc.
  2. Sending information to customers quickly – e.g., by texting, emailing, tweeting, etc.

What Android devices are supported

The bottom line is that the FatStax sales app for Android will operate on any Android device running the 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system or higher.

Here are just a few of the devices we have tested to date.

  • Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets
  • Google Nexus
  • HTC
  • LG
  • Kindle Fire

and many more.  Feel free to ping us with any questions about specific Google Devices.

So here’s a first look at our new sales app for Android…


The Offline Factor

20,000 Products At Your Fingertips. No Internet Needed.

With our Android apps for business, you’ll have fast and easy access to your product information by syncing all the critical information to your phone.  Offline sync gives the salesperson instant access without waiting on slow Internet or searching around for a cellular signal. No more frustrating “two bars” and a ticked off prospect.

android sales tool mobile syncREQUEST A DEMO OF OFFLINE PRODUCT CATALOGS


The Quick Send Factor

Text-to-Close. For Reps Who Know.

Texting a prospect information increases the chances of closing a deal by 328%. Need we say more? Our Android apps for business allow users to text information directly to any cell phone on the spot (yes, you need a cell signal to text). However, you can still take advantage of email or most other communication methods to quick send items to prospects.

texting from android sales app



Choose Your Resources Factor

Sync only the information you need to sell your products.

Android devices come in all sizes, shapes, and colors.  One of our biggest concerns during testing was maxing out the storage on user’s Android phones.  To combat this, we gave users the ability to choose selected files or sync all files to their device.

Here’s a short video that shows how to choose files on a Nexus 5.




Have questions?? Talk to one of our mobile sales tools experts for about how our sales app for Android can help you drive revenue.