Sales enablement strategies are clearly helping to fuel the success of top performing sales teams, according to a recent report by Forbes Insights, in association with Brainshark. In fact, 59 percent of the surveyed companies that surpassed their revenue targets — and 72 percent that exceeded them by 25 percent or more — had a defined sales enablement function.

When you compare that to the 30 percent of underperforming organizations that had a defined sales enablement function, it’s not difficult to see the advantages of these types of strategies.

But what if you’re among that group that has a strategy, but is continually underperforming? Or if you’re considering moving to a sales enablement strategy but are concerned that your team may resist change?

To get your team on board with using tablets and accompanying tools, such as sales enablement apps, you’ll need a strategy to ensure that the technology is being used. If not, you run the risk of your office being clutter with unused tablets — just sitting there like expensive paperweights.

Here are 4 things to take into consideration to ensure successful adoption of technology and sales changes.

  1. Understand the sales reps’ reluctance to change. Resisting change is part of human nature. Especially when it comes to performing a job day after day. In some cases, your employees may feel they’re getting along just fine without making any changes. Be sure to convey relevant statistics on how tablets and sales enablement apps can help them gain efficiencies and boost productivity and, as a result, increase their sales.
  2. Provide plenty of support. Training must include plenty of follow-up to ensure the employees are familiar with the new tool. While some employees may be familiar with iPads and other tablets, others may not readily admit that they’re having difficulties adapting. Make sure that you provide one-on-one feedback along with the group training.
  3. Invite feedback on how the transition is going. Without real-life examples of how the new sales enablement strategy is working among team members, others may not be so reluctant to change. Encourage discussion about successes during a weekly sales meeting. Better yet, ask each sales rep to share how the tool is working for him.
  4. Use it yourself. What better way to demonstrate the benefits of the tablet and apps by demonstrating it yourself? First, make sure you have been trained in its use. Then, during a ride along, show how you use the tablet to engage a customer. Show and tell is a sure-fire way to gain converts.

When you and your sales team start realizing the potential gains of using sales enablement tools, adoption may steadily increase — right along with your sales.

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