Can you believe it; we have made it to the final step in our series for Adding the iPad to Your Sales Arsenal, written for Marketing and Business Opps. If you missed a step along the way feel free to take moment and download the complete plan here.

Remember a success plan is followed step by step. Let’s go over what we have done so far.

Step 1: We defined what success meant to you and your company.

Step 2: Explained the importance of gaining C Level Support.

Step 3: We went over current systems and processes to determine where the iPad would fit in. We also talked about how important building a cross functional team is.

Step 4: The budget, one of the more important steps because you want to make sure include all costs associated with an iPad roll-out.

Step 5: The Apps – how can a company save money on branded apps. Why they are important… who can help.

Step 6: Testing Assumptions through a Pilot. A one or two phase pilot will help you determine what needs to be done before launch. Here we also talked about running a successful pilot.

Step 7: Widespread distribution. Validate… verify… get ready. This is where you will see all the hard work you and your team has done, pay off.Now you are ready for launch. There are few important things to keep in mind to make sure you have a successful launch.  Remember the goal is to get as many people as excited as possible about using the iPad to enhance what they do, to close more sales… to engage customers… to make the annoying daily tasks a “joy.”

Your employees should go to work expecting to make mistakes, but understanding that it is only through repeated use… and making those mistakes, that they will master the iPad.

Ignite their Competitive Spirits

Sales people in general are driven to win. So make the launch of the iPad a worthy competition. This is where you are going to need to be creative. Create goofy awards for tasks such as “Fastest downloader” or “Best Wallpaper Art.” You want them to use the iPad for all that it is, not just as a tool for work.


You need to get comfortable. Plan for heavy WiFi traffic the day of the launch, especially if you planned it along with a national sales meeting, make sure you can handle it. The majority of people that get the iPad are going to want to start playing with it right away. Resist doing it for them. Part of the process of your employees getting comfortable with the iPad is downloading, creating accounts and passwords.

Find Bugs… Send Fixes

It is going to happen. As your team uses the iPad, they are going to find bugs… you want them to find issues. More importantly you want to make sure that those bugs are fixed as quickly as possible. Thankfully the iPad employs cloud driven apps so the technical team should be able to resolve and push out fixes without disrupting the users routine.

Squash Complainers by Highlighting Success

As with everything else, there are people that are going to love the iPad and those that are going to hate it. The best way to deal with those people is to show them how other people on the team are using the iPad and the successes that they are having with it. You can also create a team, a Sales Advisory Team. Their job will be gather feedback on a regular basis from the sales team.

There you have it, the final step in the 8 part series of Adding the iPad to Your Sales Arsenal. If you missed a step along the way, click here to get the complete plan.