Happy Monday everyone, today we are addressing step 7 in our 8 part series on Adding the iPad to Your Sales Arsenal written for Marketers and Business Opps. Missed a step or can’t wait to get the final step in the plan, click here and download the complete white paper now.

If you have been following along then you know we have gone over:

Step 1: Defining success –what is it and what does it mean to your company. This will help you lay the best foundation for your plan.

Step 2: Acquiring C Level Support – few things are as persuasive when it comes to adoption rates as getting the company leaders on board.

Step 3: Legacy systems – working smart not hard is the key. Know what processes and systems are currently in use, who is using them and build a cross functional team with key people in each department.

Step 4: Budget – having the funds that are needed to not only buy iPads for your team but making sure they are functional and up to date is imperative.

Step 5: Apps – which saves the company more money and gives you a distinct advantage over the competition: internal or external developers.

Step 6: Test Assumptions in a Pilot – don’t waste your time or the time of your employees. Run a pilot the right way, this step tells you how to do that.

This brings us to distribution. The moment you have been waiting for really… where all of the planning and the feedback pays off. From here there are only a few more things that need to be taken care of before launch.


Make sure all the “I’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed.

  • Verify deliver dates for the iPads/accessories
  • Decide how users will make App Store purchases (company account or personal)
  • Invite vendors to your company so that your team can have face time with them to get questions answered and troubleshoot issues.
  • Make sure all the apps are ready, in other words download or install them in advance.

Launch Planning

A grand scale launch to your team requires planning. You want to create as much excitement about the launch as possible, so make it an event that employees aren’t going to want to miss. Take care to coordinate hardware distribution with training so that your sales reps feel prepared and empowered with their new tool. It is important to make them feel confident so the training you provide needs to be more than “Hey here is an iPad and this is how it works, have fun.” The training should teach them how to use the iPad and show them how it is going to help them close more sales.

Remember the goal of your iPad implementation is to improve upon what your company is currently doing. To make you better… more competitive.

On Wednesday our final step will be revealed. Eager to get that final step, want to start your iPad implementation planning today? Don’t wait until Wednesday, download the white paper now.