“The FatStax Team is genuinely concerned about your business’s issues,

and they’re constantly coming up with solutions that make your daily work easier.”

– Holly Shultis, Digital Marketing Manager

We are a SaaS company focused on turning complex product information into useful mobile apps for sales people.


In short,

We helped to grow some the world’s most sophisticated companies, including ThermoFisher, Reebok CCM, American Standard, Praxair – plus many mid-sized sales teams as well.

We get amazing results with simple early wins. Other companies show flashy features, but we increase profits and make Marketers’ jobs easier. Our approach is proven to work for any sized sales team including companies that only sell via dealers and distributors.

We believe using email and spreadsheets to deliver product information to sales people is painful and crippling productivity.

We are laser-focused on user adoption as the stepping stone to success with sales software.

FatStax Origins

Before FatStax existed, Co-Founders Mark Walker and Dr. Rusty Bishop  represented both sides of the B2B sales equation: VP Sales & B2B Buyer.  They both recognized a gap in the sales process that was affecting their own experience and leading to long and difficult sale cycles.

At that time, Mark ran a large sales team at Invitrogen (now ThermoFisher, Inc.) that sold over 10,000 products to researchers and healthcare workers.  He experienced first hand the frustration of managing B2B sales people in the information age where buyers seemingly overnight had greater access to product knowledge than any rep could ever remember.

As researcher at UCSD, Rusty spent countless hours trying to find the right tools to complete his experiments on Type 1 Diabetes faster and with greater accuracy. He was constantly frustrated by sales reps’ inability to answer his deep product questions with relevant answers and how these highly paid individuals “wasted his time.”

This ongoing frustration led them both to partner together and create a simple and effective way to allow sales reps and buyers to become aligned and create an entirely new and better experience overall.

Introducing FatStax

A system that acts like a second brain to allow Sales Reps to become more intelligent and highly valuable to a sales organization and their customers and prospects.

  • Always accessible
  • Logically organized
  • Requires minimal effort to find answers
  • Easy to update and intuitive
  • Enables Sales Reps to ask deep questions
  • Promotes more quality time with customers
  • Transforms Sales Reps into Trusted Advisors
  • Speeds up sales cycles

Our Vision

FatStax’s vision is to find new ways to align sales reps with their customers and in doing so enable people doing impactful work to get their jobs done faster.

Our Mission

The company’s stated mission is to mobilize data to be available anywhere, anytime and transform the way people work.

The FatStax team is an all-star cast of programmers, customer success managers, data scientists, sales people, and marketers to bring this mission to life.

Transforming Complex Data Into Meaningful Tools

At our core, we believe that sales reps with more than 500 products in their portfolio need a second brain to hold all the relevant details that B2B buyers need to trust them and ultimately buy from them. Without immediate access to the relevant details, sales reps will continue to frustrate PhDs, architects, build managers, doctors, engineers, and others that trying to make an impact on the world.

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Clients and Results

Meet The Founders

Mark Walker


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Rusty Bishop


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 How Companies with 500+ Products Shorten

Their Sales Cycles with the FatStax Platform


Transform deep product data into modern, digital catalog apps


Search and Sort through collateral easily and quickly offline or on

Displace Competitors

Cross reference products against competitors in real time


Create beautiful surveys and forms and capture data anywhere, anytime

Modernize Field Service

Provide instant access to support documentation and videos in the field

Guided Selling Solutions

Generate unique solutions for customers on the spot based on customer’s answers