A lot of the problems sales executives face in today’s fast paced business world are the same issues that have been persistent for decades. The difference in today’s fast paced business world is iPad sales apps now exist, and can help to resolve many of those reoccurring problems with their sales reps.

With mobility and cloud computing thrusting their way into the business world, sales executives should not back away from this “phenomena”. Trust me, it’s not a phenomena, but mobility is a phenomenal and powerful tool with more and more Fortune 500 companies are placing their trust in. In fact, 92 percent of Fortune 500 companies either tested or already deployed iPads to their sales teams in 2013.

Enter the iPad sales app to cure persistent sales problems many executives continue to try and overcome. Here are three stereotypical challenges any sales executive faces that iPad sales apps can fix.

1. Training Sales Reps to use Collateral

Getting your sales reps to remember to use collateral marketing pieces can be a huge mountain to climb. Are the sales reps to blame, or marketing? It’s probably neither.

In a survey conducted this year by Knowledge Tree, 50 percent of sales reps polled found it difficult to find the marketing collateral they need to sell. In the same survey, only 61 percent of marketers thought their collateral was being used the right way. This seems to confirm that the blame lies not with sales and marketing executives, but with the way marketing collateral is made available.

With iPad sales apps, all of marketing’s collateral is stored and showcased in a clean and professional manner. And sales reps can access all of their sales tools from one app, send documents and information to their clients and track how the tools they send are received by clients, rather than searching through a maze of files and directories and hope they find the attachment in an email.

2. Sales Methodology Inconsistently Executed

Let’s face it: just because you’ve rolled out a new sales initiative doesn’t mean it’s being put into use right away. You could roll out a new methodology with multiple facets your sales reps need to promote, but some of the specifics might get lost in translation or forgotten. In fact, 80% of sales training done by executives isn’t retained by sales reps after 60 days. That’ll help you sleep tonight. 

iPad sales apps can help your company’s sales methodology by allowing sales reps to refocus on the process by streamlining it. Sales apps for reps makes work a lot simpler. Having the ability to showcase your company’s products, push analytics into your company’s CRM and share marketing’s rich collateral full of product information and specs with a single tap will let any sales rep refocus on your company’s sales methodology.

3. Lack of Time Efficiency

You hire sales reps to do one thing — sell! But did you know over 2/3 of sales rep’s time is spent not selling? It’s true. Sales reps spend roughly 30 hours a month just to find the right sales collateral to present in the sales call. That is neither time, nor money, well spent.

By placing all of the collateral, pricing and product information on an iPad sales app, your sales reps will find more time to research companies and find new leads. And when new collateral, pricing or products come out, you can push out updates directly to the app on the iPad. No longer will sales reps wait for that new collateral to come in the mail before a presentation. A simple update to the iPad sales app gives your reps the information they need immediately to use their time more effectively.