We as sales representatives and marketers know that the key to generating more sales is building better relationships with our customers.

Technology, such as the iPad has improved business mobility. Allowing us to reach out to more people faster, at times causing us to lose the human factor. Using the iPad for presentations on sales calls or demonstrations can help put that human factor back into each and every contact.

I like to start by letting my customers know how valuable they are to me. I realize that each customer wants to feel like they are the only customer. Naturally they they know they aren’t, but that doesn’t take away the impact of making them feel as though they are.

I do this in two ways with my iPad, I show up prepared and I don’t waste time.

2 Tips for Sales and Marketing People for Increasing the Human Factor with an iPad

Number 1 – Keep Personal and Professional Separate

Get all of your personal apps moved to a separate screen on your iPad, don’t have them on the same screen as the business apps. Yes, the iPad is for work… but we all use it for personal use as well. Our potential customers don’t need to know if we are Angry Bird fanatics or Scrabble geniuses. What they need to see is that we take what we do seriously, that lets our customer know that we are going to take their needs seriously.iPad Home Screen FatStax

Number 2 – Get Prepared

There is nothing more annoying than having to watch a presentation done by someone that has to fumble through numerous personal and business apps to show me what they need to. If you need more than one business app open to convey your message get them all opened before you are face to face with your prospect. For example, you might have a PDF in GoodReader and Video ready to show.  (Of course, you could show both with FatStax!)

Its pretty easy to toggle back and forth between them. You can do this by hitting the Home button twice. This way you can see what apps are open and flip through them with ease.

Close more sales by building a better relationship.

  • Value their time
  • Be prepared

Importance of Being Customer Focused in a Tough Economy