mobile field service app

Organizations know enterprise mobile field service apps make their reps in the field more productive and efficient, but they can also make the reps a lot happier to come into work too.

I recently had the unfortunate experience of our air conditioning unit kicking the can (in the middle of August no less), and had to call a service tech out.

He arrived with a clipboard overflowing with paperwork, then he had to call the office to get my warranty information, and then he mentioned having to finish his service report when he got back to his office.

He was obviously flustered and it kind of made for a bad experience for me as the customer.

If his company outfitted him and the rest of their technicians with mobile field service apps, service calls wouldn’t seem like such a hassle for him or his co-workers.

Service managers and service techs in the field can absolutely benefit from using mobile field service apps, and to prove it we’ve come up with a list of 10 proven benefits that will make a positive impact for your field staff.

1. Online and offline capabilities

Technicians many times never know when you’re going to have a WiFi signal. While some enterprise mobile field service apps require WiFi to push and pull data, others run completely offline without needing to access the web. This means your reps and techs can use the app anywhere and anytime while accessing anything.

2. Fewer trips back to the office

Physically clocking in and out or turning in work orders at the office can be accomplished remotely by using field service mobile enterprise apps, rather than in person at the office. Most apps allow integrations into your core business systems where these tasks can be taken care of in the field.

3. Erase the busy work

Techs need to focus on their responsibilities while in the field working, and now getting bogged down by time consuming tasks that eat up your field service rep’s day…like filling out paper work orders. Mobile enterprise apps for field field services can streamline this and many other processes for techs and reps.

4. Reps are more independent

This is a huge benefit for managers not having to micromanage their service reps when out in the field. They can simply track the analytics from their mobile field service app and view reports on their reps in the field for insight. Much better than acting like big brother all of the time.

5. Increase service success rates

By incorporating enterprise mobile field service apps into your team, they will allow service reps to perform more efficiently at service calls, thus increasing their rate of success when called out. The easier it is for your techs to perform their work, the more successful they will be.

6. Better customer interaction

When customers see your reps opening up service history, animated product diagrams and more on their mobile field service app, you know the customer will think it’s cool.  The app’s ability to work with the tech in the field will lead to a more pleasurable customer experience.

7. Log notes into core business systems

Many times techs will record how their service call went with their customers. With mobile field service apps, they can make those customer notes directly into CRM or other core business systems through the app rather than having to enter in handwritten notes from the job site back at the office.

8. Get information faster

Whether your mobile field service app requires WiFi or works offline, techs can access customer information in the app instantly rather than having to lug around a file of previous paperwork.

9. Improve communication

The beauty of mobile field service apps are they stimulate communication between those back at the office and those in the field. If new customer or product information is added into the app, techs and reps in the field instantly are in the know.

10. Apps are the future

Technology is evolving the way businesses function, and mobile enterprise apps are playing a key part. It’s time to either get on board and keep up with your competitors, or start to watch your revenue diminish.