On-Site Access to All Technical Manuals and Videos

Your techs in the field need a simple way to meet the service needs of your customers. Technical Service Apps from FatStax makes engaging with customers and solving product issues a breeze.

How Our Customers Use Technical Service Apps:

Pentair technical support reps utilize their Technical Service App from FatStax on a daily basis. Techs can rely on the app to search and find their necessary support documents and resources in the field. Their techs are now more productive, and have increased the number of issues resolved since deploying their Technical Service App.


Ready, Sync, Go

Your reps can access all of your technical support videos, manuals and other digital information offline. All of your Technical Service App files are stored in the app, available no matter where your techs go.

Enhanced Search Capabilities

No matter where your techs are at work, they can search by product name, SKU or keyword to find the right technical files instantly. In our Technical Service Apps, search with ease for support documents, manuals or schematics. Your techs can also send technical resources to customers via email before they leave the job site.

Secure Technical Documents

Sometimes your service reps need to access collateral that shouldn’t be sent to customers. Simply tick the secure box in the your Content Management System after uploading a technical file and it can’t be emailed from your Technical Support App.