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Want Successful Digital Sales Collateral? Stop Doing This!

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Marketers strive to produce successful digital sales collateral for their reps in the field.

Videos, PDFs, product animations, competitor comparison graphics and other types of content are vital to informing and engaging customers throughout the sales process.

But you hear from your territory managers hardly any of your reps are using what you produce.

According to SiriusDecisions, 60-70 percent of content created by B2B marketers is never used by sales.

What gives?!

Here are three problems your sales teams are likely experiencing in the field not using a digital sales tool, and specific steps to overcome them with your successful digital sales collateral.

Problem 1 – They can’t find your collateral

As your company adds new product lines, expands globally and new divisions are brought on, chances are you’re creating a ton of collateral. So where do you store it?

Shove it in some shared Dropbox folders? Stick it on your sales portal? Sure it’s a centralized hub for your collateral, but they need Wi-Fi to access it and then they need to know the name of the file in order to locate it.

Your reps simply don’t have this kind of time to play Where’s My Collateral.

Solution – Adding collateral to a digital sales tool provides simple keyword-searching capabilities for reps, and allows access to all of your collateral without being tethered to Wi-Fi.

Problem 2 – They can’t send your collateral

Reps want an easy way to share digital collateral with their customers, but sometimes the size of your collateral is just too big.

Videos, product animations or even 3D schematics eat up a lot of space in an email, and many times these attachments exceed what your email server is able to send out, or what your customer/prospect is able to receive.

The last thing your reps want is a handful of USB drives to carry around and hand out for sharing digital collateral.

Solution – Digital sales tools send a link to your collateral rather than the file itself. This keeps your collateral from catching in spam filters and logs your customer activity in your CRM and marketing automation systems.

Problem 3 – They don’t know what collateral works

If you and your reps don’t have a grasp on what digital collateral is effective and leading to sales, they could be sending out the wrong information.

Reps might believe a certain case study they sent to a customer lead to a deal, but do they know for certain they actually even opened it?

With the large amount of collateral created, and different types of collateral out there, you need to be sure what works and what needs addressed.

Solution – Digital sales tools provide comprehensive analytics for not only your digital collateral, but your reps as well. You’ll have real-time metrics proving ROI and customizable reports for key decision makers.

Addressing these problems up front will help your reps effectively utilize your collateral during customer meetings.

Steps for successful digital sales collateral

Now how about focusing on creating effective digital sales collateral? We’ve written about this before (6 Ways Marketing Can Create Powerful Content for Sales Apps) and I highly recommend you marketers out there give that a read as well. But here’s an overview of what we recommend:

  1. Take inventory of your digital collateral
  2. Use your multimedia tools at your disposal
  3. Yes, testimonials still ignite sales
  4. Supply interaction nuggets from your collateral
  5. Make sharing your collateral simple
  6. Gather regular feedback from your reps on existing collateral, and what collateral needs created

Take our advice and expertise and go make your successful digital sales collateral work for your reps!

About Corey Trojanowski

Corey joined the FatStax team in 2013 as our Marketing Communications Specialist.This self-determined, sarcastic, and highly motivated extrovert comes packed with a fiery competitive edge partnered with a strong mobile-savvy persona.