It’s no secret sales teams need to be armed with the right tools for you to see positive changes in revenue. What if you could provide them with a custom application with all of the collateral they need that they could access anywhere, anytime without needing to connect to WiFi?

FatStax helps you create custom mobile sales tools that allows mobile sales teams to focus on the prospect experience instead of dealing with creating or finding collateral. It’s all at their fingertips with FatStax.

Before FatStax, Sales Teams

  • Are on their own to bring the right collateral
  • Extend the sales cycle due to lack of product information
  • Search your website for pricing information on their phones
  • Bother┬áMarketing for materials over and over again

After FatStax, Sales Teams

  • Have everything with them at all times
  • Provide up-to-the-minute pricing
  • Instantly access competitive information and sell against it
  • Can deliver accurate quotes and information without emailing someone

What makes FatStax different?

Mobile-First CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) + Sales Libraries

FatStax clients have the unique ability to create mobile sales tools that provide access to both Sales Collateral (PDFs, Videos, PPTs) and Products (pricing, specs, and details) where ever their mobile sale teams need them. This makes us a perfect fit for companies with a few products and tons of collateral AND manufacturers with 10,000s of individual SKUs.

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Every App is Unique

Your company is different and, you want an app that reflects exactly who you are! FatStax clients can easily customize and configure apps for any type of sales team using simple HTML or templates. Every app is unique. Best of all if you don’t have time to configure your apps or mobile sales tools, we’ll do it for you.

How Do I Get Started?

Try it before you buy it

Before going all in, we recommend that all clients run a 30-day pilot for their mobile sales teams. The pilot costs about the same as dinner with a client and gives our customers the deep knowledge they need to launch or seek another solution. Best of all, we’ll do all the work to get your pilot off the ground and help you see instant ROI.

Pilots Include:

  • We help you build the perfect app
  • Unlimited user licenses
  • Unlimited devices
  • One-on-One training sessions