A guide to the most common questions – answered

We’ve been creating and selling iPads sales apps and iPad presentation apps for the last 3 years. Along the way, we’ve noticed that several core questions are asked by almost everyone.

For example…”How much do iPad sales apps cost?”, “Do I need a developer to help build me an app?” “What is the best iPad sales app for my team?”.

To help you make that decision for your organization, we’ve done our best to answer the core questions in the following articles.

Here they are:

We hope these help you get started on your journey to selling and marketing with iPad sales tools successfully.  Check back often as we’ll be adding more answers to more questions when you ask them!

About J. Rusty Bishop, PhD

I've spent the last 5 years helping great brands create amazing experiences for their sales teams during one on one sales interactions. Helping sales people do their job is my passion. When I'm not working, I am on the ocean fishing in San Diego, Ca.