Offline Forms  – FatStax Submit for Lead Capture



Do your sales reps use them? YES

Are they a pain in their — ? YES

Good. We can help.

In fact, we can show you how to work offline. A new feature of the FatStax Sales Enablement Platform, FatStax Submit is an intuitive way to capture contacts, leads, or profile information on your iPad whether you are offline or online and have the submissions flow to or any Marketing Automation platform automatically.

Create a form in the  CloudStax Studio, map it to your favorite system and distribute it to your entire team for their use in the field in about 5 minutes.

Don’t stress over searching for where, why, and how to work offline. Make it a reality with FatStax Submit. Our app helps you capture any type of data OFFLINE on your mobile device. Once the device is back online, boom. It’s in the cloud and uploaded automatically to your current marketing system.

For Sales Reps, that means:

  • No more looking like an idiot when the wifi isn’t working
  • No more manually digitizing paper lead capture forms yourselves (because that’s the worst)
  • Stop losing leads because you literally cannot read their handwriting

For Marketers, that means:

  • Now you can score lead information from reps in the field
  • An easy way to create and edit lead capture forms to get the info you need
  • Yep, it even integrates with Pardot, Hubspot, or whatever the heck your marketing platform is

How is FatStax Submit Different from Web Forms?

Works Without Internet Access

Ever been at a trade show where the WiFi was terrible?  Web-based forms are impossible to use.  With Submit, all your forms work with or without connectivity insuring you always capture information fast.

Lossless Data Entry in

Reps hate logging information into Salesforce at the end of the day. Make their lives easy by allowing them to capture information on their devices and seamlessly push the data to Salesforce.  That’s easy.

Replace Paper Forms

Easily automate business process that require data collection on paper forms. Flexible enough to enable admins to create Forms to capture different types of information such as multiple choice, text and number input, checkboxes, pull downs, contact information, and more.

Paginated Survey Questions Made Easy

Configuring a survey for your next trade show?  Submit makes it easy to create surveys that are paginated, locked down in kiosk mode, and directly integrated to any system of record including CRM, Marketing Automation, and more.