What does it take to close more sales deals, better sales deals, and close them faster in today’s competitive environment? Selling is a 24/7 job for companies, but many sales teams don’t have the vital access to sales tools and information that are required to reach their sales potential.

If you find your sales team making these comments via email or phone, it’s time to look to the incredible variety of sales tools and closing sales techniques to help your teams:

  • “Let me send you that info later.”
  • Let me ask my boss.
  • Let me confirm this is the latest version.
  • I’ll look into it when I get back to the office.
  • Let me type up a proposal and send that over.
  • Let me return with samples/answers next week.
  • Let me ask the office to send me this document. Just a sec.
  • Let’s circulate this for signatures before we proceed.

Sales enablement platforms and mobile sales tools have skyrocketed in popularity because they’re making such an incredible impact on sales. From prospecting, appointment setting, pitching, consulting, capturing, proposing, closing and signing the deal – there’s a solution for every stage of the sale cycle. For companies who are investing heavily in tools for their sales team, they’re able to leverage their talent combined with the technology to drive sales productivity.

Here are some Incredible Sales Statistics on Tools and Mobile Tool Usage

  • On average, 71% of sales rep time is spent on non-sales activity  Tweet This!
  • 70% of mobile-enabled sales organizations report a positive ROI for their mobile investment  Tweet This!
  • 90%+ of sales organizations invest in tablets as sales tools today  Tweet This!
  • 55% of small businesses report mobile sales tools give them an advantage  Tweet This!
  • 29% average increase in lead conversion reported by mobile-enabled sales teams  Tweet This!

Download These Amazing Statistics in a One-Page PDF


Here’s an infographic that provides all of the data, as well as three threats and opportunities to impact the your sales effectiveness with mobile sales tools:


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