Can Mobile Phones Actually Boost the Human Element for Sales?

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Using mobile phones as sales tools is more personal than you might think – here’s why:

Ask any Gen X-er or baby boomer what they think is a big problem in today’s business world, and they’re likely to comment how people don’t interact with each other like they used to.

With things like automated emails, self-serve “help” desks, and non-human-reliant machinery, companies are in many ways experiencing a less direct connection to their customers and letting their technology do most of the talking.

But in some cases, that’s simply not true.

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Despite our evolution into digital this and mobile that, the human element is very much alive and thriving in the way we can connect with customers.

But the key word is here is can.

One of the most effective ways you can retain the human touch when working with digital technology is using mobile phones as a tool to boost your standing with a prospect. Cell phones are everywhere your salespeople are, ready to use in a moment’s notice, and can’t function without a real person working the controls.

Simply put, not all tech takes away from the intimate company-to-client experience.

In the case of using mobile phones as sales tools, it does quite the opposite. Here’s a new way to look at this:

Mobile Phones as Sales Tools Position Your Reps to Better Serve Customers

Here’s a tough pill you might need to swallow: while 80% of brands think they’re at the pinnacle of serving their customers properly, only 8% of customers agree.

When a customer has a question, they expect an answer. And the sooner you can give it to them, the sooner they can progress in their decision-making process.

As Salesforce’s Stuart Leung points out,

“Mobile technology gives salespeople instant access to product specs and other tools that increase the effectiveness of their sales pitches, resulting in higher closing rates and a better customer experience.”

Using mobile phones with the right sales tools means less time your customers waste waiting on a rep to get an answer. It’s the extra mile that won’t go unlogged, and your rapid response time won’t soon be forgotten.

Mobile Phones as Sales Tools to Boost Immediate Two-Way Communication

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If you’ve ever been stuck in an email tennis match, you understand how the tedious back-and-forth can delay any dream of resolution. Your customer wants information on Product X, you send it when you get back to the office, they have questions, you answer them, they want more information on Product Y…

Not only can using mobile sales tools present clients with the right collateral at any given moment, but you can also work with them to find real-time solutions on the spot.

This might mean showing them comparable items, discussing pricing, placing orders, answering questions – anything that prevents them from jumping ship because you couldn’t fulfill their needs when they were ready. We aren’t afraid at all to show someone a YouTube video on our phones, so why should you be afraid to show a prospect information on your phone?  Get over it.  Everyone is used to this by now.

Further, as Grant Cordone pointed out text-to-close is a huge deal sealer!

Mobile Phones as Sales Tools can Deliver a Unique Customer Experience

Personalization is key in providing a knockout customer experience.

One study from Accenture notes that 75% of people are more likely to make a purchase from a company who knows them by name, understands their purchase history or preferences, and can make a recommendation.

Part of delivering a memorable customer experience means focusing on your customer’s unique needs. Your clients don’t want to flip through your whole catalog to find what they’re looking for, nor do they want to work with someone who doesn’t understand their business or goals.

Reps using their mobile phone as a sales tool can brief themselves on client history and preferences before their meeting to give them a better chance of delivering a positive experience.

In addition, certain mobile sales tools can guide reps through a series of questions to deliver a unique experience to the customer and focus only on what the customer is interested in. It’s the little details that end up paying off in huge ways.

And that might just give you the competitive edge you’ve been missing.

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