FatStax continues to build and integrate into all leading marketing automation, CRM and analytics platforms to provide you with insight into your sales collateral usage. Improve your marketing and sales alignment with robust analysis via your company’s reporting platforms.

Marketing Automation Integrations

Capture sales activity instantly from FatStax and build lead scores from sharing activity.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integrations

Capture sales activity from FatStax directly into your CRM.

Content Management Systems

Get free integration to business systems for content that you already use.

  • Dropbox

Analytics Integrations

Get free insights from the industry’s leading mobile app analytics tool.

  • Flurry Analytics from Yahoo!

Keep Your MarTech Stack Connected

This short video shows how you can capture a new lead on your mobile device and send the information to your Marketing Automation Platform and from there to your CRM system.  The integration is seamless from FatStax to Marketo to Salesforce.com. Mix and match your systems to stay integrated.