FatStax, from Red Funnel Consulting, is a complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mobile sales and analytics platform that allows a company’s reps to engage with prospects using digital collateral, inform prospects to make educated purchasing decisions, and enable reps to close more opportunities using an array of mobile application solutions.

Through the FatStax Mobility Platform, companies can manage, deploy and track their digital collateral for field sales and service teams, better serving their customers and improving business performance.

Watch this brief video where our co-founders Mark Walker and Dr. Rusty Bishop detail the benefits of the FatStax Mobile Platform.

About Corey Trojanowski

Corey joined the FatStax team in 2013 as our Marketing Communications Specialist.This self-determined, sarcastic, and highly motivated extrovert comes packed with a fiery competitive edge partnered with a strong mobile-savvy persona.