10,000 Competitor Products – Right Now

If your sales team is constantly answering questions about your competitor’s products and bugging product managers for differentiating factors, you need more efficient tools for sales reps. You need a Cross-Reference App.

How Our Customers Use Cross-Reference Apps:

Obviously we can’t disclose which organizations are using our Cross-Reference App because that would defeat the competitive advantage they get! Within a matter of weeks, their reps in each country had a powerful digital sales tool they could bring to customer meetings and search for specific competitive manufacturers and their products. Combined with our other tools for sales reps, like the CloudStax analytic reporting feature, their sales and marketing leaders around the world could easily measure ROI.


Search Via Competitor Name or SKU

Quickly find competing product data in your app searching by your competitor’s product name, SKU or even keywords to find the right information and a clear comparison against a rival product.

Add New Competitors at Will

The market is always changing. Keep your Cross-Reference App up to date by adding as many competing products you go up against as often as needed.

Faster On-Boarding

Give your reps speed to market like never before by searching competing product names, SKUs, specs and more. You will help new hires learn the market delivering them the right competitive information to study up on – anywhere at any time.