5,000 PDFs, Videos, and PPTs in Your Rep’s Hands

There’s nothing worse than searching for the right piece of collateral while the customer impatiently waits. Your reps need access to the right PDFs, videos, PPT, and more at the exact necessary moment in a customer meeting. Have tons of great collateral to support your products and services? Add a digital Collateral App to your marketing mix. 

How Our Customers Use Collateral Apps:

Pentair, Inc. arms their reps in the field with the latest sales collateral using a digital Collateral App and other file sharing apps. In seconds, reps can search for the right piece of collateral for their customer. Managers are then able to dig deep into CloudStax and see which resources are driving the most ROI, and which reps need additional training on via the app.


Instant Access to Your Resources

Enable your reps to access, showcase and deliver the right collateral from a centralized source – anytime, anywhere. Categorize, distribute and manage your PDFs, videos, HTML, 3D animations, Microsoft Office files with no access to the Internet needed after sync.

Version Control

Set it and forget it. Instantly replace updated files like PDFs, videos, and more with file-only sync process that doesn’t affect app performance. Expire files for instant removal on the tablet.

Secure Files

Sometimes your field teams need to access collateral that shouldn’t be sent to customers. Simply tick the secure box in the your CMS after uploading a file and it can’t be emailed from your collateral apps.