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By Corey Trojanowski

What is the FatStax Mobile Platform?

What is the FatStax Mobile Platform?

FatStax, from Red Funnel Consulting, is a complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mobile sales and analytics platform that allows a company’s reps to engage with prospects using digital collateral, inform prospects to make educated purchasing decisions, and enable reps to close more opportunities using an array of mobile application solutions.

Through the FatStax Mobility Platform, companies can manage, deploy and track their digital collateral for field sales and service teams, better serving their customers and improving business performance.

Watch this brief video where our co-founders Mark Walker and Dr. Rusty Bishop detail the benefits of the FatStax Mobile Platform.

By Corey Trojanowski

FatStax 2.4 Released: So What’s New For Users?

Sleeker Navigation, Faster Resource-to-Device Download Time, iOS 8 Compatibility with FatStax 2.4

By FatStax Customer Success Team

As the leading customer engagement platform, we strive to enhance our user’s experience. Today we are excited to announce the release of FatStax 2.4 for our global users.

As with all of our releases, we listen to our customers and hear what they want out of FatStax that will help their reps close more deals during in-person meetings. To help you do just that, FatStax 2.4 focuses on speed and style.

Streamlined Home Screen Navigation

Once you install and open FatStax 2.4 you’ll notice the Search, Stack, Resources and Settings buttons have been moved to hot spots making them faster to access. Essentially we’ve trimmed the digital fat out of our design. This provides a modern, stylish look enhancing the experience for users and adding space on the right side of the app for more creative branding, showcasing and sharing your information with customers.

A Handy Home Button

We received quite a few requests from you to create a way to easily return to the Home Screen when deep in a category. FatStax 2.4 adds this Home button feature. This Home button in the top-left of the app replaces the Categories button, and gives users a quick shortcut to return to your Home Page. This button resets all of your categories to reappear as though you just opened the app. You’ll also find the Home button for simpler navigation when working with Stacks. And speaking of Stacks…

New Stacks View

A Stack is an easy way to send multiple items in a single email. Bundles enable you to send customized groups of items you can add to a stack with a single tap. All of the Stacks functionalities remain the same, we simply adjusted the location of the List of Stacks to the top and center while creating a single catch-all Action button. Any editing, adding or emailing of Stacks and Bundles can be found by tapping on the Action button in the upper-right corner. The Action button also appears while viewing any resource in your catalog.

App Performance Improvements

You’ll notice FatStax 2.4 to run quicker and be more reliable. This will leave you more time to sell and be sure your content is available offline. We optimized the app’s download speed, search speed and startup responsiveness. The amount of time you previously spent waiting on resources and information to load will dwindle, becoming even faster.. This means you can add even more information to your catalogs with less syncing down time.

Share Your Feedback

Please help us continue to produce the best mobility platform available for businesses by giving us your feedback, comments or questions about FatStax 2.4! Email us at support [at] or reach out to us on Twitter using the hashtag #FatStaxNextLevel

By stringcanteam

Design Philosophy

The best designs in the world are based on purpose and function. When a design solves a functional problem as simply and elegantly as possible, the resulting form will be honest and timeless.

Consider the umbrella, the violin, and the canoe. Their exceptionally pure and elegant forms are the result of performance-centric designs that have stood the test of time.   Read more

Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.

Louis Kahn


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What is the FatStax Mobile Platform?