Deliver an Amazon-like Sales Experience

Most sales enablement tools or product catalog apps are generic and not that much different than Dropbox.  Companies that sell complex products need a product catalog design that gives their reps instant access to deep product details like specifications, attributes, related-products, and pricing…kind of like Amazon.
The detailed product data your reps need is currently buried in existing systems like ERP, e-commerce sites, spreadsheets and paper catalogs. FatStax catalog apps enable reps to be smarter by easily pinpointing the correct data in a logically organized platform – where ever reps need it.
It’s like a second brain for all your relevant product details.

The Following Features Can Be Configured in a Stand-Alone App or Combined with other Fatstax Features for an Even More Powerful and Customized Solution

Find Relevant
Details Instantly

Access deep product information in mobile optimized product pages to find answers customers’ questions on the spot. Updating can be manual or automated from existing systems like ERP, e-commerce databases, or even custom web scrapers.

Send Quotes
on the Spot

Deliver quotes and estimates on single products or a list by email while meeting with customers.

Cross Sell and Upsell

Our product catalog design allows you to add custom hyperlinks and tags on individual product pages to easily show related products or products often bought together in an Amazon-like experience on mobile or inside

Turn Insights
into Action

Powerful Analytics show global actions taken with individual SKUs by your team and automatically populate systems of record like