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What is FatStax?

FatStax is a mobility platform used by companies all over the world to create and manage mobile applications for field teams. The platform is flexible and easy to customize eliminating the need to code apps from scratch.

Many clients end up deploying more than 50 unique apps for field sales, sales enablement, distributor communication, trade shows, technical service, and internal corporate usage all from a single scalable backend content management system.

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  • At FatStax, we use the term iPad sales app to refer to a variety of business tools built specifically for the iPad.

    iPad sales apps connect business processes, people, and technology to achieve a common goal: generate new customers and keep existing customers happy.

    The perfect iPad sales app:

    • Is fast and simple for the sales rep to navigate
    • Provides easy access to current collateral
    • Positions sales people with complete product knowledge
    • Provides product information directly to the buyer
    • Helps sales reps treat buyers as informed people
    • Drives sales and proves a worthy investment
  • What an engine is to a car, sales enablement apps are to your sales and service rep’s tablet in the field. It makes them function effectively for business.

    With offline access to your vital sales collateral and integration to your preexisting core business systems (CRM and marketing automation), our sales enablement apps will make your field teams more productive and enhance your customer’s experience.

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  • Customized mobile apps are a FatStax specialty. You control the look and feel of your iPad sales app.

    FatStax allows companies to tailor their iPad sales app to the way they sell. Customize your app with logos, corporate imagery, a brand icon for the iPad home screen, and custom in-app colors. It will look like your company created the app from scratch, but at a fraction of the cost.

    Customized mobile apps we provide are:

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  • At FatStax, we take pride in our scalable business apps for enterprise sales teams around the world. With our help, achieving enterprise mobility is simple for any marketing team.

    Companies can manage multiple customized apps for different divisions, countries, or product lines from a single cloud-based content manager that syncs directly with a team’s iPads. We give companies confidence their sales teams around the world have the right collateral to enhance their customers’ experience.

    We provide the following enterprise mobility products:

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  • Companies trust us to produce interactive, efficient mobile sales tools that will enhance their customers’ buying experience.

    FatStax mobile sales tools are used by companies of all sizes, from teams as small as ten local sales reps to those with thousands of global reps. No matter your company situation, FatStax has an array of mobile sales tools to fit your need.

    Mobile sales tools we provide include:

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