The Only Sales Acceleration Platform That Combines Product Catalogs with Resource Libraries

Create a Unique Experience for Sales Reps and Buyers
With All Your Product Data Available at Your Fingertips, Lightning Fast

There’s No Such Thing as One Size Fits All

All the major mobile sales tools are generic. From health care, to insurance, to manufacturing, to financial services, they try to serve every type of sales team. Instead of an ideal solution, companies end up with tons of features that are poorly suited to the way they sell, especially for sales teams that need product catalogs and sales collateral.
FatStax is the Data Mobilization Platform built specifically for reps with products and tons of collateral in their portfolio. FatStax mobile content apps make it simple to recall relevant product details at lightning speed and answer deep customer questions to close deals faster.
Think of FatStax like a Second Brain.

How Companies Shorten their Sales Cycles With the FatStax Platform


Transform deep product data into modern, mobile content apps


Search and Sort through collateral easily and quickly offline or on

Displace Competitors

Cross reference products against competitors in real time


Create beautiful surveys and forms and capture data anywhere, anytime

Modernize Field Service

Provide instant access to support documentation and videos in the field

Guided Selling Solutions

Generate unique solutions for customers on the spot based on customer’s answers

Accelerate Sales with an Amazon-like Experience

Transform spreadsheets, paper catalogs, and website content into modern digital catalogs, update relevant product data instantly, and answer deep customer questions.

Remove Dependency on Email and Generic File Sharing Tools

Search and Sort through 1000s of pieces of collateral with keyword tags, infinite categories, and match supporting materials to specific products.

Displace Competitors and Take Market Share

Cross reference your products against competitors in real time and suggest alternative products from your mobile sales tool's portfolio anywhere, anytime you meet with customers.

Automate Customer Feedback, Lead Capture, and Field Research

Turn every mobile employee into a data collector. Create beautiful surveys and forms and capture data anywhere, anytime.

Modernize Field Tech Support with Universal Access to Critical Information

Create an engaging experience for customers with a mobile sales tool that provides total access to all your supporting documentation right at your field teams’ fingertips.

Create a Guided Selling Experience

Generate unique solutions based on customer’s answers. Selected combinations of mobile content apps produce a matched list of items including products, sales collateral, and technical references anywhere, anytime.

Over 25,000 Sales Reps Use FatStax

To Become Trusted Advisors and Align with their Customers

Fatstax makes it possible to quickly demonstrate the value and necessity of our products as a solution.

Linda Hardwick, Business Development ManagerBoon Edam

With FatStax, I can deliver follow up information to my customers in minutes instead of days. In just a few clicks I can search for and send videos, data sheets, and literature to help their buying decision.

Justin Chantel, Territory Sales ManagerBradley Corp

FatStax is a game-changer for a manufacturing company. No matter what questions their customers ask about our products, our sales reps have the answers they need, in one place, on their mobile device.

Steve Thielke, Marketing SpecialistBradley Corp