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  • Here at FatStax, we use the term iPad Sales app to loosely characterize a variety of business tools built specifically for the iPad. iPad sales apps combine a variety of business processes, people, and technology to achieve a single goal: generating new customers and keeping existing customers happy. It’s an overall strategy to help companies provide more value when they are out in the field talking with prospects. We know it’s hard to run a successful business anymore without turning your eyes to mobility. iPad sales apps are an effective way to connect with customers in new ways.

    The perfect iPad sales app is fast and simple for the sales rep to navigate; easy to understand collateral and effective delivering information for the buyer or prospect; provides product information as easily as the buyer can access it himself; helps sales reps treat buyers as informed people; positions sales people with complete product knowledge; and ultimately satisfies the customer by driving sales.
  • Customized mobile apps are our specialty here at FatStax. You get to control the identity of your iPad sales app. We provide companies with the infrastructure and content management system for the app, but you get to decide the look and feel of the app. Do you want a detailed catalog app for all of your products? Do you want a customized presentation tool for PowerPoints and videos? FatStax allows companies to build their iPad sales app for the way they sell. Customize your app also with logos, corporate imagery, brand icon for the iPad home screen, and you get to choose the colors used in the app. It will look like your company created the app from scratch, but at a fraction of the cost.

    Customized mobile apps we provide are:

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  • We pride ourselves here at FatStax for providing scalable business apps for enterprise sales teams around the world. Achieving enterprise mobility with some help from FatStax is simple for any marketing team. Companies can manage multiple apps for different divisions, countries, or product lines from a single cloud-based content manager that sync directly with a team’s iPads. Each individual iPad sales app we build is flexible for customized branding, field sales information gets integrated directly into CRM and marketing automation systems, giving companies the confidence sales teams around the world are performing at whole new levels. The enterprise mobility solution you’ve been searching for is FatStax.

    Enterprise mobility products we provide are:

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  • Companies put their trust in us when producing mobile sales tools that are interactive, efficient, and will enhance their customer’s buying experience. We can produce a broad range of iPad apps for sales teams. Our services include, but are not limited to: Sales reps apps for iPad, mobile sales apps for iPad, video and PowerPoint presentation apps, and more that leave reps in the field accomplishing more and driving more sales. We deploy these types of mobile sales tools for teams of all sizes. Current companies using FatStax mobile sales tools consist of as little as 10 sales reps to some companies with thousands of sales reps scattered across the world. No matter the situation your company is in, FatStax has an array of mobile sales tools that will fit your need.

    Mobile sales tools we provide are:

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